Book Nook Inn, Bed & Breakfast, Lumberton, TX

The Inn Mistress

Stacie Hearne
Hi, my name is Stacie.
Thank you for checking us out. I had a dream for years of opening a B&B and then finally it became a reality with “Book Nook Inn.”

There are many things I love to do, reading for one, traveling for another, sewing quilts, entertaining and party planning have always been my passions, and I love to cook! Trying new recipes and venturing out into trying new types of food.

Here at Book Nook Inn, I'm getting ready to start an organic garden, eventually most of our fresh vegetables will come directly from it.

Reading is also a passion, which would be evident upon visiting our Inn and seeing our library.

Chocolate Strawberries

Chocolate Strawberries


From my reading passion, I developed a website for book reviews, which turned into a business.

I love to just curl up on a rainy or cold day, in front of the fireplace, and just let a great novel transport me into some fantastic adventure. It's my own personal time machine!

Recently, I have taken up Belly Dancing and Yoga, and loving every minute of it! These two hobbies help instill confidence in oneself and are also relaxing.

I would love for you to visit our home that we have put so much work into, to stay over, enjoy a home cooked breakfast, visit and talk with us about whatever comes to mind. We look forward to meeting you and having you as our guest!

Fire Place

Fire Place


The Inn Master

David Hearne
Welcome monsieur
Sit yourself down
And meet the best Innkeeper in town

Hi, I’m David Hearne. My wife and I have worked diligently to have the best Bed & Breakfast in the Golden Triangle. We have tried to make our home an inviting place that others would find enjoyable to stay at. My wife has blended her love of literature into her love of entertaining and Book Nook Inn has been the result.

As my wife has already stated, Literature is high on our list of likes; in fact, I am the author of “The Christmas Special” and “Hulagu’s Web” which might never been completed, if not for the quiet and stimulating ambiance our house provided during those years that I dedicated to those novels. And now I have a new one titled: “Bloodstained Tales of Sin and Sex,” which will be available on Halloween of 2013. So if you’re an author, our place might just give you that extra ounce of inspiration needed to complete that manuscript or rethink those rough spots that you have anguished over for days.

Hulagu's Web

The Christmas Special

Bloodstained Tales
of Sin and Sex

Divinely Decadent
Martinis & Appetizers
If you need an ear to discuss your problems, well what is an inn keeper for? You never know who you might meet at our quaint Bed and Breakfast; maybe another author or a politician needing a relaxing place to plan their campaign. In fact just recently we had Megan Moore the author of Divinely Decadent Martinis & Appetizers, who shared some of her creations with everyone. Our place is always an adventure and we hope you will be a part of it.

Les Miserables
Enter monsieur
Lay down yer load
Unlace yer boots
And rest from the road
From Les Miserables