Book Nook Inn, Bed & Breakfast, Lumberton, TX

Our Pond

Book Nook Inn's pond is stocked with Bass, perch and catfish. They are usually plentiful and easily caught, if they're in the mood to play with you. Since the pond is on private land, no fishing license is required. Bring your own fishing poles and gear or rent our fishing poles at $5.00 a day.

We feed our fish dog food almost daily so they are quite spoiled and often not interested in a tiny bit of bait on a hook. They are sneaky and nibble the bait off of the hook in many instances.

However, Book Nook Inn's guests have caught numerous catfish over 32 inches. Guest have also caught perch. Our policy of Catch and release or catch and EAT depends on the stock of fish available at the time you are fishing. Currently we have too many fish so catch and eat is fine (we don't clean fish).

There is an outdoor grill available to fry the fish. 

A onetime visitor to our pond in 2006 after a week of flooding. He was nice and friendly, but was eating up all our fish so we had to get the Game Warden to move him to a bigger pond with more of his friends.