Book Nook Inn, Bed & Breakfast, Lumberton, TX

The Summer of Love and War

We are excited to announce that "The Summer of Love and War" first performance is scheduled for Veterans day, November 11, 2021, here at Book Nook Inn, and we sincerely hope you can be one of our guests in the audience on its opening night, November 11, 2021. We would love to have you with us on that special occasion.

As I mentioned, the name of the play is "The Summer of Love and War." It is a first-person narrative, eloquent and introspective. It's a glimpse of the hippies'1967 social phenomenon called the Summer of Love juxtaposed against the same generation fighting a war in the jungles of Vietnam.

The beginning of the play talks about the sixties and shares some of its music. And then it spotlights the summer of 1967 that gave birth to the Summer of Love. It speaks of the chaos, the music, the drugs, the sexual revolution, and the turmoil of the time.


"The Summer of Love and War" wears its central metaphor on its sleeve. It's much about the burdens of the war experience, including the memory of battle, guilt, and loss. It's a story of those who fought in it and the hardships they endured. It's a story of the loved ones left behind. It's a story of redemption.

"The Summer of Love and War" never tries to make sense of the Vietnam War but simply conveys what it was like for those who fought it. Veterans of the Iraq or Afghanistan war will find the play speaks to their experiences also.
Don't miss this opening night production. Get your tickets to this special Veterans Day production of "The Summer of Love and War."

Tickets are available through at
The Tickets are $20 for most seating. $29 if you are sitting in the front two rows.
If you are a veteran or a current military member, the prices are $18 and $22.50, but you must call to get those prices for tickets.
You can also buy your tickets by calling us directly at 409-656-4625 or 409-225-9106 and avoid the EventBrite's processing fees.

Doors open at 7:00 pm and the play starts at 7:30 pm
Our Concession Stand will be opened before the performance and during its intermission.

Warning: The play is not suitable for young children because of the mature subject of the chaotic Sixties and the lives of men in battle.